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Fun for the family

ClueHQ are likely one of many escape rooms running special offers for families as we enter the school holidays. In their case, you can get a game for £49 as long as it has at least one and at most two adults, and one to four under 16s. The regular price for two players in Birmingham  £44, so it basically lets you add on as many kids as will fit for a fiver.

clue(When I first saw this offer, it was very stringent about needing at least one child, and thought that maybe it was actually even cheaper than a regular two player game, thus driving enthusiasts to take up babysitting, but turns out that isn’t the case.)

Whether you want to take your kids to an escape room is another question! We saw some parents with some really young (under 8) kids at Omescape a few weeks ago, which seemed somewhat weird given that the themes of those rooms tend towards horror, if not being actually scary. I’ve also heard horror stories of parents dropping kids off at rooms and using them as a short term baby-sitting service!

I’m going to be inviting my parents to play Cliffhanger Rooms with the Escape Review team, which is the closest we’ll get! Let us know your experiences of inter-generation escaping!

Offer available at ClueHQ Birmingham and Warrington, Mon-Thu, with code TEAMFAMILY throughougt August. Limited slots, first-come, first-served, requires booking three days in advance.


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  1. Omescape? Under 8? Wow. I wouldn’t take my seven year old to any of their rooms. I don’t think she’d enjoy it, and each of them has some aspect that I wouldn’t want to expose her to. Ironically, the Penitentiary game might be the least scary in spite of its scary sounding premise.

    I’ve done two escape rooms with my kids (three if you count Escape the Room in a box). The five year old really struggles, and you basically need an adult to support her all the way through. She enjoys it but it’s hard to justify paying for a room for her and an adult when she also enjoys going to the park or watching TV just as much… The older one is fun to be in an escape room with. You can play the game yourself and just monitor how she’s getting on, jumping in to help her with puzzles from time to time. It’s hard work, but still fun. Like parenting generally I guess. 😉

    The Panic Room in Harlow is planning on opening a children’s room which should be interesting, and I’ll definitely head to that as soon as it’s open and sorted out any teething issues. The Escape Room in a Box was a great option for my children. Basingstoke’s Milestones Museum is running a low price, family escape room for the summer, so I might head to that.

    Once the kids hit ten, I think they can probably do fine in rooms – Enigma Quests always struck me as one that kids would love and I know of a few who’ve played clueQuest and enjoyed it.

    The one thing I’d recommend is heading towards more searchy rooms with younger kids. They *love* searching and they’re usually significantly better than adults. Lock’d in London might work well for example.

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