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The Game’s Afoot

Not quite an escape game, but perhaps of interest to a similar group of people, Madame Tussauds in London is hosting The Game’s Afoot until the end of September. A Sherlock Holmes interactive theatre experience, which tasks you with exploring a space, interviewing suspects and of course, solving the crime. Interestingly they’re running two different cases on alternating nights, so you can attend twice and have quite different experiences. Although at circa £50 per ticket, it’s not cheap!

The game invites you to:

“Don the deerstalker and become Baker Street’s finest detective. Travel back to Victorian London and delve into the world of Sherlock Holmes, using your powers of deduction to solve the case before the time runs out.”

Interactive theatre is somewhere in the family tree of escape games, though this one comes closer than most because the theme introduces a fairly obvious puzzle component. The description also reminds me a fair bit of the board game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, which is aces and I’ll be posting about separately at some point.

For more information check out the website and comment here if you’ve played it.

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  1. I’ve played it (the Poisonous Poet at least). Review to follow, but in summary:
    – tough puzzle, but entirely solvable. Plenty of misdirection but fundamental logic was sound.
    – great acting and ad libbing.
    – frenetic pace to get it done in an hour. Don’t be a wallflower
    – well constructed in many ways
    – great backdrop in Madame Tussaud’s
    – at its heart, it’s a murder mystery but done very, very well.

    There’s a high risk if you’re not a big fan of immersive theatre that you’ll feel lost. Certainly bits of it made me feel very much like the start of Oubliette where you don’t really know what’s expected of you and they don’t necessarily give you much of a clue.

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