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clueQuest, London – Operation BlackSheep

clueQuest had moved up in the world since we last played, with a new location and set-up that actually resembled a tourist attraction, rather than the business park/serial killer hideout hybrid of their first location. There was a nice comfy waiting area, but we weren’t there long, as we were ready to play their new game. And what a game it was.

96e5fdd8d95e5a13564f5191b5e49daeAs the fourth room I’d played, Operation BlackSheep was probably the first truly standout experience. It essentially reset the bar: being entertaining through sheer novelty was no longer enough – this was the standard that rooms should be aiming for. The play area was large, with everything working towards a big, central puzzle, and some wonderful things to do on the way, including a few things to really test your teamwork. The secret agent theme persisted from the previous room, the story of this room essentially telling a direct sequel. But if the first room was the old Mission: Impossible TV show – cool, neat but unassuming, this was the Bond film – bigger, better, and way more spectacle.

There’s nothing to criticise here, so this is going to be a fairly short review, other than to make the point, if you’ve not guessed already, that this is one of my favourite rooms I’ve ever played, and is highly recommended.

Result – we escaped!

Date played: 18 March 2014

Team: Dean, Jess, Katherine, Sarah


clueQuest, London – Operation BlackSheep Dean Love

Summary: Brilliant, go play it



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2 Responses to clueQuest, London – Operation BlackSheep

  1. Ken Ferguson says:

    Do you think if you were to revisit now, you’d put it on the same level? Operation Blacksheep was my third game I think and I can’t help but feel that makes it harder to rate.

  2. Dean Love says:

    I think so. It flowed really well for us, had some really neat elements. Remains my favourite of the ClueQuest games for sure.

    In terms of star ratings that fifth star often comes from novelty for me, so maybe it’d end up being a high four.

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