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clueQuest, London – Operation BlackSheep

clueQuest had moved up in the world since we last played, with a new location and set-up that actually resembled a tourist attraction, rather than the business park/serial killer hideout hybrid of their first location. There was a nice comfy waiting area, but we weren’t there long, as we were ready to play their new game. And what a game it was.

96e5fdd8d95e5a13564f5191b5e49daeAs the fourth room I’d played, Operation BlackSheep was probably the first truly standout experience. It essentially reset the bar: being entertaining through sheer novelty was no longer enough – this was the standard that rooms should be aiming for. The play area was large, with everything working towards a big, central puzzle, and some wonderful things to do on the way, including a few things to really test your teamwork. The secret agent theme persisted from the previous room, the story of this room essentially telling a direct sequel. But if the first room was the old Mission: Impossible TV show – cool, neat but unassuming, this was the Bond film – bigger, better, and way more spectacle.

There’s nothing to criticise here, so this is going to be a fairly short review, other than to make the point, if you’ve not guessed already, that this is one of my favourite rooms I’ve ever played, and is highly recommended.

Result – we escaped!

Date played: 18 March 2014

Team: Dean, Jess, Katherine, Sarah


clueQuest, London – Operation BlackSheep Dean Love

Summary: Brilliant, go play it



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