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Pressure Point Escape Rooms, Ashford – From Rags To Riches

I guarantee you won’t have played a game with this set-up before. You’re house staff and you’re trying to, well, steal an inheritance from your employee before they find out. It’s certainly not established in the briefing that said employee is particularly evil or anything, so it certainly put me in a Mitchell and Webb-esque “are we the baddies?” mindset.

Alas that’s not something that’s capitalised on in anyway, and the rest of the room is a fun but unremarkable game. You’ll move through two spaces, the first having an obviously non-linear structure, with four puzzles to give you four parts to a key, before entering the main space of the game which is much more spread out. Once you reach this area you find a greater variety of puzzles, a few skill-based tasks, and a big emphasis on observation.

And it’s all fine. Good, even. Increasingly of late, when reviewing escape rooms, I’ve said that a game doesn’t really get anything wrong and also doesn’t do anything notably right, before going on to talk about the one or two exceptions to that. For From Rags To Riches, it’s hard to even do that. Nothing really stands out. The puzzles are neither hugely original or just copies of what you’ve seen before. Visually the room looks okay but it’s just mean to be a rich person’s house, nothing that special. Clues are delivered at appropriate times through screens which aren’t exactly on theme but don’t look out of place either.

It’s odd, because I want to call this room “forgettable”. It is. And yet, that seems like a negative thing, and I really don’t mean it that way. Some of my most memorable experiences in escape rooms have been in truly awful games. This game was thoroughly enjoyable for the entire duration. That I can’t find much interesting to say about it in a review shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. I can confidently say that if you go and play From Rags To Riches you will have a good time. And especially in an area like Ashford, which doesn’t exactly have a surfeit of options, that’s enough. On the other hand, it’s not a game you’d want to make a point of travelling to play.

Towards the end of the game you actually find the diary of your employer, and a certain page is used to solve a particular puzzle. The rest of the diary is filled with actually diary entries. We didn’t really have chance to read those, but I would they might establish we weren’t the baddies after all!

Result – we escaped in 28 minutes

Date played: 23 September 2017

Team: Dean, Sera, Sharon


Pressure Point Escape Rooms, Ashford – From Rags To Riches Dean Love

Summary: A good game, nothing more, nothing less. Would likely work well as a game for someone who has never played before.



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