What is an escape room?

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Will you review my room?

Short answer: yes! Long answer: yes – if you’re in London or the Midlands then get in touch and we should be able to arrange something quite quickly. If you’re further north/south, the answer is still yes, get in touch – we’re hoping to do a few road trips to play a bunch of rooms further afield, just bear in mind it might take a bit more time/coordination to get to you!

Do your reviews have spoilers?

No. We try not to talk about the specifics of any particular room, and will never spoil any puzzles solutions. Instead we’ll talk in generalities. There are three exceptions:

  • If a room does something so gosh-damn awful that it’s impossible to get across the sheer stupidity of it without actually explaining it, then we may explain it. Even then, we’ll only give away just enough to make it clear.
  • Blacklights. The presence of a blacklight in your game is not a spoiler, because 70% of the games we’ve played seem to use them. They’re not cool, interesting or original.
  • We don’t consider things that you learn before the game starts to be a spoiler. So if you’re told in the briefing that a game contains a particular mechanic or feature, we’ll consider it fair game. But if you don’t find it out until the game actually starts, we won’t talk about it.

What are your review criteria?

We score games out of five, based on our overall impression of how much we enjoyed the game.

We also rate separately out of five in the following categories, but the overall rating is not an average:

  • Puzzles – how interesting/good the puzzles were.
  • Difficulty – how hard the room is – note that in this case, 5 just means it was really hard, and isn’t a quality judgment. If it’s your first game, looking for a low rating here might be sensible!
  • Theme – how interesting the theme and story are, and how well that theme was realised in terms of set decoration and puzzles.
  • Toys – this is the weird one, but lots of rooms give you fun things to play with to help you solve puzzles. Things you may not have seen before. This section can also include cool and original mechanical puzzles. Essentially, anything that isn’t just putting codes into locks.

What do you cover here?

We mostly cover escape rooms, but may occasionally dip into related fields such as interactive theatre, puzzle hunts or even the odd board game. If you have something you think we might be interested in but aren’t sure it fits in our remit, then get in touch and we’ll let you know!

Where can I read more?

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The Logic Escapes Me has a lot of reviews of London games

Escape Game Addicts and Really Fun UK have plenty of reviews of games in the North

What is the best escape room?

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