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HiddenCity and the Mind of the Maker

I’ve been wanting to talk about Hidden City here for a while and the announcement of a new trail is a good an excuse as any. Not an escape room as such, HiddenCity is more of a treasure hunt across, you guessed it, a city.

The way it works is that you go to a starting location, text “START” to a number you’re given and you get your first clue – it’ll generally include directions to get somewhere, and then a question about something in the environment. Although occasionally the clues can be slightly cryptic, they’re never difficult – far easier fair than you’ll find in escape games – though the option to text for hints exists if you get stuck. For a long time their stock-in-trade were these self-guided trails which took you around interesting spaces that you might not otherwise see (mostly in London but also in Brighton – their Manchester and York hunts seem to have gone) for around £25 per team.

Over the past few years they’ve branched out in to a more “premium” hunt experience. These hunts are more expensive (around £60) but often involve interacting with people in certain places, and receiving physical items – sometimes clues, sometimes treats – along the way. They tend to be more story-based, and Mind of the Maker is the third such one, running in London from 29 September – 30 November 2016:

“Wayland is a mythical Norse craftsman, a visionary metalsmith, once sought by gods and kings alike. 
But he fears that the age of the makers is now past. Do the skills of great creators – passion, imagination and resourcefulness – still exist?
To find out, he invites you on a trail of cryptic clues. Your challenge is to carve the ice trail across London, inspired by creators from Victorian times, culminating at a crafty drinkery… one that is most fitting for your challenge.
Don’t let him down: he has no time for idle minds. Succeed, though, and Wayland’s name shall grant you access to the legacy of ice empires, lyrical scents and frozen fiery cream.
Rise to the gods, and perhaps drink with them too…”

Hopefully we’ll have chance to play it and report back, but we can certainly recommend the City Lights Evening Trail and The Enchanter Mirror.

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