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(Indiana) Jonesing for a new escape room? – Extreme Escape’s Lost Tomb

Extreme Escape are fairly unique on the UK scene. Located in Disley, just outside Manchester, on a farm, they offer 90-minute games with their first game, Pirate Ship, having rave reviews from many. They’ve been teasing their second room for almost as long as they’ve been open, with a simple “coming soon” message, but this week all hands are… well, off the deck of the Pirate Ship and launching this eagerly awaited room.

You are about to enter El Naranjal, a legendary lost mine with a gigantic pile of gold ore hidden inside.
El Naranjal is Spanish for  “the orangery”, some say because of the huge gold nuggets found in the mine, were the size of oranges, others say it was because of the orange groves at the entrance to the mine, one of the most famous of all the lost mines of Old Mexico.
.   .   .   .
The lost tomb of the Lady of Tikal, queen of Naranjo is rumored to be the largest of all the Mayan tombs. Sergio Gómez a Mexican archaeologist has been searching for this tomb for many years. An artifact has recently been found on Tlacolula market possibly linking El Naranjal with the Lost Tomb of The Lady of Tikal.
Your mission is to find El Naranjal’s hidden gold and the location of the The Lost Tomb before the end of the Mayan world,
or 90 minutes which ever comes sooner.
Good Look!

I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t want to be the GM briefing players on this game and trying to pronounce all of that!

Pirate Ship was renowned for having great production values and a stunning set, so expectations will be high for this one.

We’ve yet to play either of the games ourselves but hope to sometime soon!

Lost Tomb is booking now

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