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Escape Land, London – Age of Steampunk

We had heard a few middling things about this game: that it was okay but a bit easy. That was not our experience at all! After a little bit of wondering to find the venue (it’s interesting to note that many escape rooms are located far off the beaten track, and that’s something you can probably only do now that Google Maps exists) we arrive at the small waiting area, and were briefed on the game.

11146527_1573522606248094_9062459970612120474_nAge of Steampunk unsurprisingly has a Steampunk theme, which puts it off to a good start with me, and that theme is reflected pretty well in the décor, but more especially in the puzzles. There are some really neat physical and mechanical puzzles hat are a lot of fun – some requiring teamwork, others best as solo activities.

There’s also a lot going on in the game – we never seemed to be stuck for any great length of time, but nevertheless this room handed us our first ever loss! Luckily the hosts were kind enough to let us have an extra ten minutes, which was enough to finish the room.

Result – our first failure!

Do note that Escape Land closed down and re-opened elsewhere in London, and this room has been tweaked and reworked as “Professor Oxford’s Experiments”

Date played: 19 April 2015

Team: Dean, Katherine, Jess


Escape Land, London – Age of Steampunk Dean Love

Summary: One of my favourite rooms in London



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