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Escape Rooms, London – Pharaoh’s Chamber

I love this room, it’s one of my favourites, and yet it’s so hard to recommend. Escape Rooms is clearly run by puzzle enthusiasts, and there’s some brilliant things going on in this room. The (literal) centrepiece puzzle is probably the single best puzzle I’ve seen an escape room. But it’s hard. We needed a fair few clues to figure it out, and I did struggle to see how those less puzzle-minded would have cracked it at all.

00201408261915But let’s rewind a little – the Pharaoh’s Chamber is an Egypt-themed room, and the theme is done reasonably well, with plenty of stand, statues and sarcophaguses. There’s multiple things that can be worked on concurrently, and that feed back and forth into each other, so a lot to keep even larger teams busy. And one really nice feature is that *something* happens as you progress that basically lets you see how far into the game you are, so you can get a sense of how you’re doing against the clock.

The game also has some very clever ways of sensing puzzle completion, which tripped us up a few times as we’d dismiss something as unimportant based on not realising the room could ‘notice’ when it was complete. And a few other times when those clever things just downright didn’t work until the third time we tried them! I also nearly pulled some wiring out of the ceiling because the design and positioning of something made me thing it was a puzzle, when it wasn’t, it was just a loose roof tile!

So it’s a flawed room, but that central puzzle made it all worth it – I can’t recommend this room universally, but if you really want a challenge, I’d give it a go.

Result – we narrowly escaped!

Date played: 16 August 2014

Team: Dean, Katherine, Jess


Escape Rooms, London – Pharaoh’s Chamber Dean Love

Summary: A great but very challenging room



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